Your Event & I!

Your Event & I!

Hi, thanks for looking at my speaker rider!


No part of the cost of speaking at your event should lie with the speaker. You should cover at least:

  • My ticket to the event;
  • Lodgings in an Airbnb or hotel near the venue the nights before and after the event;
  • Travel to and from the event, such as flights or trains.

Fees and Honorariums

Since speaking at events helps me promote myself, I do not generally require a speaking fee or an honorarium. This is especially true for non-profits, community events, or events where the cost of attending is heavily reduced.

For large-scale corporate events where the organizing company stands to make a profit or private internal corporate events, my fee is negotiable based on the size of the event and whether I am a keynote speaker.



If the event is in-person, all areas -including any auxiliary events like official afterparties or co-located events- must be accessible to those who require mobility aids, including stages. They should adhere to at least the hosting country's equivalent of ADA standards.


All online services necessary for the event, including its website and any video platforms, should be usable by users who with limited or no eyesight, hearing, and/or mobility. Any website created by the event should conform to WCAG 2.1 by the date of the conference at Level A and at least mostly at AA.

Code of Conduct

Your event must have an explicitly defined, enforced Code of Conduct linked publicly on your event's website, preferably as a top-level menu item. It should include a clear, readable description of what behavior is and is not acceptable, as well as at least one way for someone to report a violation.

If you're looking for inspiration, a few good examples are:

This Rider

Thanks for reading all of this speaker rider! I hope none of it is particularly surprising, and that it's reasonable for you.

This rider is under the Unlicense. That means you can go copy it as your own with whatever modifications you'd like. I forked it from Joshua K Goldberg and modified it to my needs.

It also borrows heavily from the following very excellent speaker riders: